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Pack Burro Picnics

Pack Burro Picnics

A Pack Burro Picnic is a unique way to experience the high alpine backcountry in Colorado. The tour starts at an elevation of 10,500 feet and ascends approximately 2 miles to the summit of Chalk Mountain at an elevation of 12,017 feet. Hike alongside a burro, who will carry your gear and a sumptuous picnic as you meander through forest, wildflowers, and a stunning mountain landscape surrounded by some of Colorado’s highest peaks. Learn the history and geology of this land, while immersed in a wild and natural landscape. Enjoy the “breathtaking” and ASS-tounding views.

Meet Ellroy- Award Winning Ass!

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Species: Equus Assinus, also known as Ass= Burro (Spanish term used primarily in Colorado)= Donkey in the most English-speaking areas of the world.

Ellroy was just a foal when David adopted him from his breeder in Buena Vista, Curtis Imrie, a legendary Pack Burro Racer for over 45 years. Sired by Big Chief, a champion mammoth donkey, who was a descendant of Maasai, also a champion racer and winner of Best in Show at the National Western Stock Show. His mother was Carmella, a wild burro captured in a BLM round up. David trained Ellroy to race, drive and pack over several years, and has had many successes and failures during his 8-year career.  Many races he finished “in the money,” but also an equal number of DNFs, demonstrating definitively the fickle nature of the game.  
It was in the training of Ellroy as a reliable pack animal that demonstrated the possibilities of a true companion in exploring the Colorado backcountry. David began taking Ellroy on long treks in the mountains including one that lasted 9 days. It was this reenactment of the historical pioneer prospector experience that brought Ellroy’s full potential to light and began a new focus on the ever-evolving relationship between man and beast. Incredibly tough and resilient, Ellroy is also typically humble and sweet as most donkeys are. He is happiest with a job to do and will perform amazing feats of endurance and skill navigating the roughest terrain. He may act the part of a smart ass at times, but with patience and a little love, he will teach you that he is also a very wise ass.

Essential Gear- We expect our guests to be well prepared to hike with us in ANY weather. Please bring the following:

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**Pack Burro Picnics is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider. Operating under FS Permit #FDAS4222.

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